Reliability- WS is the company that partners rely on - unlike many Open Source Projects that do not have reliable support or adequate resources WS is one stop shopping for all your standards-based management needs. WS is committed to providing our customers with enterprise ready standards-based software and services at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing overseas.
Expertise – Industry expertise in standards-based management is core to WS's ability to create value. WS has been developing standards-based management solutions since its inception. WS is heavily involved in standards organizations (i.e. DMTF, SNIA, JCP, The Open Group, …) and actively participates to develop new and improved specifications. WS can not only provide software solutions, technical training, support, architecture/design and professional services, but can also provide standards support such as direction, getting changes adopted quickly and working with a variety of organizations to reach consensus.
Technical Support – WS is dedicated to providing enterprise level technical support to aid our customers in making the best use of our products and services. WS technical support is provided by software engineers that are actively working on the products, in other words we provide support to engineers from engineers so that we can get you the information you need as quickly as possible. WS prides itself on providing the best support in the industry.
Software updates – WS releases software updates as needed. WS is a customer-oriented company. If a partner needs an enhancement or a fix, we will release a product to ensure that they achieve their goals/schedule. WS can only be as successful as its' customers and we pride ourselves on our customers success.